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  • #06-02, 53 Lengkong Empat, Singapore 417657
  • +65 9182 3590


Woman empowerment

  • Work closely with the guidelines from Women’s Empowerment Principles developed by UN Women and the United Nations Global Compact in order to realize women’s empowerment.
  • Educating masses about gender equality, importance of woman in society and stand against female infanticide and early marriage.
  • Promoting girl child and women education.
  • Organizing camps to educate and guide women on different job opportunities at Block and Tehsil level.
  • Providing training and skills to equip women to work from home at their own ease in order to make them financially independent.
  • Making women aware about having open conversation with their partners about Family planning, Sexual hygiene and financial matters.
  • Enabling women to express opinions in social and political matters.
  • Advocating women about their rights and resisting domestic and physical violence.